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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Everything you never wanted to know about my hair

  • After Lisa finished my hair and make-up we all sat around staring at me in the mirror for a while. Mel kept saying, "Cordy, you look so pretty," and I was just staring at myself because, for once, I actually felt pretty. I never thought I could look like that. My hair was all soft and shiny and highlighty and behaving itself. I felt like an actual real girl, for once. I'm so dumb - I actually teared up and cried a little. I feel so grateful to Lisa right now, I don't think she quite gets it. I've never really felt pretty before.
  • She shaped my eyebrows, which I didn’t realize I needed, because I’ve always plucked them and I thought I was doing an o.k. job – but as it turns out - eyebrow shaping makes a gigantic difference.
  • Chris told me I was “the cutest thing ever” (which I know, gag, but it sounds so much better in a southern accent, trust me on this) and he sat next to me in church and we flirted up a storm. I guess the hair was making me feel sort of not myself and capable of flirting.
  • Wow, can he ever sing. One of the hymns was A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and I'm not kidding, I was swooning, he has such a good voice. What is it about a guy who can sing?
  • Seth did a triple-take when he saw me and every time we made eye contact that day he looked really startled. That, more than anything, made my day. We never got a chance to talk though – Teresa was all over him today, in super territorial girlfriend mode.
Chris and Lisa came over after church and hung out with us for a while. He talked me into making cookies with him. It was fun. OK, it was more than fun. It was really, really fun.

He told me I looked like Amber from the Hairspray movie, and after I got over being all flattered and bashful and all "No I don't," (because really, I don't) I was all, "she has awful hair in that movie," and he was like, "well, not how she has it in the movie, obviously, how she used to look," and I was trying to figure out when/where/how/who, but then the important point of it all dawned on me.

"You've seen Hairspray?" I asked him.

"Of course."

Because get this, he loves musicals. He loves musicals. (Seth, who, again?)

The accent just kills me. Every time he asked me to pass him something he said "Darlin" with it – “Darlin, pass the sugar,” “Darlin, hand me that stick a butter,” and I’m sorry, but it was totally adorable.

His sister finally started laughing and told him to stop – “Chris, you’re not from the Okies.” Then she told me that he always exaggerates the southern thing when he’s trying to impress a girl.

He didn’t even deny it, just started cracking eggs and said, “Now I’m fixin’ to beat the eggs in” and he gave me a big grin, which, come on, only made him a little more adorable.

It was kind of an awesome day. I think I'm excited about it mostly because things like this never happen to me. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, guys will flirt with me, but they don't usually follow me home : )

I'm not taking Chris seriously or anything, because I know he's just a total flirt, but - it was still a really fun day. Maybe there is life after Seth.

Hopefully he meant Brittany Snow like this:

(I WISH I looked like that, I'm so sure)

And not like this:

: )