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Monday, October 6, 2008

Google Chat

I wasn't sure if I should really post this whole thing or not. It's really long. I HAD to post it though, because to ME it's proof of his total awesomeness. I edited it a little - don't think you need to know our real names or google ids, plus IM abbreviations are totally from the devil. ;>

S: Caught you

C: Yeah, sorry

S: You didn’t call me back, loser

C: I didn’t know what to say

S: Then let me talk

S: You can just listen

S: Or yes/no answers

S: Or we can IM

C: IM... less embarrassing

S: Why embarrassed?

C: Don’t do that

S: What?

C: Pretend you don't know

S: don’t be embarrassed

S: we'll figure it out

S: You still there?

C: Did you already know?

C: Be honest, I need to know

S: I didn’t

S: Sometimes I wondered

S: There'd be a moment or something but you’d always start joking around two seconds later and talking about the cowboy or Aaron or whoever was hanging around you that month

S: you know you and your defensive stand-up comedy

S: You aren’t all that easy to read

S: I’d talk about T and you’d get irritable, but I thought it was because you didn’t like her

C: no comment

S: I wasn’t sure

S: Sometimes I thought maybe - like at the park - you were quiet and red

S: then you started dating the cowboy

C: He isn’t a cowboy

C: and we’ve only been on one official date

S: Yeah, tell him that – I think he thinks its more serious than you do

C: So what now

C: It’s gonna be weird

C: you feel sorry for me

S: Why would I?

C: you know, 'cuz of my very great love for you

C: (that was a joke)

S: don’t do that

C: What?

S: hide behind your humor shield

S: can I ask a question?

C: yeah

S: how serious are we talking?

S: hello...

S: where'd you go...

C: I plead the fifth

C: A crush, ok? that’s all I’m gonna say.

C: Crushes are no big deal

C: We all have crushes, right?

S: right

S: I used to have a crush on you

C: don’t do that

S: what?


C: jerk

S: I’m not, I’m serious

S: back when we started hanging out again right after my mish

C: oh, right, the post-mission every-girl-looks-great desperation

S: stop - you were dating that total tool, Crenshaw, and we started hanging out

S: don’t know what you saw in him

C: he was funny

C: and he had a nice car

S: shallow

C: totally

S: see, we both had a crush. All it means is you need to get out more - you know when I start looking like a prize you've got bigger problems

C: You're such a liar

C: Well at least now you know I don’t wanna see you making out with your girlfriend, right? Don’t need the visual

S: I feel like the biggest ahole about that - I don’t even know how it happened

C: I do, 'cuz I was there. It involved straddling. STRADDLING.

S: right

S: sorry

C: I guess once the girl is literally CLIMBING ON TOP OF YOU in public, the least you can do is kiss her for her efforts, right? So I'll give you that one.

S: won’t happen again

S: talk about embarrassed

S: don’t even know how long that whole thing’s gonna last


C: DON'T say that for my benefit

C: Maybe you think that's kind, but it's not, it just makes me get all irrational

S: No, I don't mean THAT. Not related to this whole thing at all, but...

S: She didn’t even know if Sarah Palin was a Republican or Democrat.

C: I'm biting my tongue.

S: I suddenly realized she’s NINETEEN

S: She makes me feel old and tired

C: You ARE old and tired

S: Is this weird?

C: What

S: Talking about her?

C: no, this is more like normal

C: Although honestly, unless you’re breaking up with her, I don’t really want to hear about her

C: I can do without the whole – she’s so awesome – speech

S: yeah, I can see that

S: You know I love you right?

S: Cordy

S: hello...

C: yeah, I know

C: ease up on that kind of talk though, k? I know what you mean, but it’s too confusing

S: right

S: but I do

S: I always will

S: cordy….

S: Hello…..

C: you’re killing me here, you know that?

S: sorry

S: So I can’t say that anymore

S: I don’t know where the line is

S: You’re gonna have to train me

S: hit me if I do something stupid

C: glad to - though personally it would help me if you would start acting like a raging ahole

C: that would help me out

S: THAT'S something I can do

C: I’m gonna go

S: we ok?

C: yeah

S: promise

C: talk to you later

S: promise

C: yeah, I promise

Even when he's letting me down gently he's SO TOTALLY WONDERFUL.

I'm never gonna get over this. (Gosh, I type that so frequently I should just use the acronym - INGGOT)

(How dumb is it that I keep reading this over and over again! Somebody smack me please, I think I need it.)