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Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't want to talk to him...

...so I'm not.

I guess he didn't know, so I guess I didn't really have anything to be mad about. But it still hurt, and then add the embarrassment over how I started crying like a six year old because of the kissing thing, and not knowing how to explain why I was crying, and the realization that this is all sort of coming to a head and something is gonna have to change in our friendship and I probably won't like how it works out - it's all too much.

He texted me twice last night and once this morning and sent me an email last night that I posted and then deleted, along with some other spur of the second posts I put up because I was totally freaking out.

His email and texts basically said he's sorry for being tacky and, ugh, making out with her in front of me and Melissa, but he doesn't understand why I was SO upset - specifically why I was crying. He was kind of hung up on the crying thing. He wants to talk.

But I don't. Because I have no idea what to say.

I just know he's gonna show up at my work to try to get me to go to lunch with him and I can't take that, so I called in sick to work and I'm going to my grandma's house today in Cedar, then I'm gonna meet Chris and the others in St. George tomorrow at lunch time. Hopefully Lisa won't be mad that I'm not helping her finish moving in. I won't be online this weekend at all. Have a good one you guys.