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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last night, on the phone...

Seth calls at 10:00 - Teresa is already gone. Iiiiiiiinteresting.

He grills me for a while about what I'm doing tomorrow, but I refuse to tell him.

"I'm a woman of many mysteries."

"Since when?"

"It's this new thing I'm trying. Being mysterious and captivating. I saw it on a perfume box, thought it sounded like a good idea." I stretch out on my bed. There used to be lots of times I would fall asleep talking to him, but not as much anymore.

I can hear him throwing that stupid racquetball at the ceiling as he tells me that the last thing I will ever be is mysterious. "You're an open book Cord." He tells me he saw me talking to Chris on Sunday and asks if we're seeing each other again.

A little part of me is excited that he was paying attention. Totally ignoring me and yet watching me when I wasn't looking. YES. Junior high is awesome. I tell him all about how Chris decided he's ok with being friends and going out sometimes, but that we don't have any specific plans for tomorrow. He asks if it'll be awkward - being friends with Chris when he's still into me.

I try not to groan, because does he even realize what he's just said? "I guess he's not anymore. Apparently I'm very easy to get over."

"I kinda doubt that."

I take a moment for an internal awwwwwww, which he interrupts with an exasperated noise. "I can't believe you won't tell me."

"See? Mysterious and captivating."

I'm half convinced that he's gonna show up here tonight to see what I'm doing. He'll just happen to need to drop something off or something, mark my words. He can't stand not knowing everything, all the time.

I'm tempted to call Chris or some other random guy to come over. I'm kind of insanely tempted to teach Seth a lesson. I want him to be jealous and scared to lose me and I want him to break up with Teresa. That's it. That's all I want. That one teeny, tiny thing. (Although technically I guess that's three things. Whatever.)