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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seth, on the phone...

(He loves to tease me. I won't even pretend I don't like it.)

"So where's the big date?"

"It's not a big date, it's just dinner and a movie."

"Chuck-a-Rama? I hear they have cowboy food there."

"He isn't a cowboy. He's from Georgia. He's never even ridden a horse."

"Lone Star Steakhouse? They let you throw peanuts on the floor there, so he'd probably feel right at home, like he's right back on the peanut farm."

"He's not a peanut farmer, he's a math genius."

"You're wrong. Everyone in Georgia lives on a peanut farm. I learned that on Dateline."

"You learned that on Dateline."



"Wait - I bet it's not Lone Star - he seems too cheap for that. Maybe Sizzler. It's Sizzler, right?"

I ignore him. "Anyway - "

"I think we should double. In fact, I'm gonna call Chris and run it by him."

"NO. NO WAY. That is NOT happening."

"Come on. Where's your sense of adventure?"

"How is that an adventure exactly?"

"A double dating adventure. Two couples, one table. SO MUCH COULD HAPPEN."

"So basically an adventure in things being really really awkward."

"Exactly. Think of the possibilities."

"Yeah, I am. I'm still thinking NO."

I'm so happy we were able to have a normal, non-awkward phoneversation. I think the fact that I'm seeing someone makes it all a little less uncomfortable.

Oh - and I feel like I should say this for the record - it's NOT SIZZLER.