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Monday, October 13, 2008

Weak link

You know what?

That post was making me feel nauseous, like I threw up all over my blog, so I just deleted it.

Here's all you need to know:

Melissa admitted she likes Chris. (Yeah, it all makes sense now, right?) She met him first, she got to know him (and Lisa), she invited him to Sundance, and she was less than thrilled when we started dating. She's been mad about that for a while now. She and Teresa have apparently been bonding over what a horrible, horrible person I am and she accused me of interfering in Seth and Teresa's relationship.

She wants me away from Chris, so she started talking all kinds of nonsense about how Seth is probably interested in me now because I've lost weight, which is RIDICULOUS, because if Seth liked me, he wouldn't be dating Teresa. The end.

If Seth liked me, he would tell me. He already knows how I feel, more or less. He would do something about it if he wanted to. And he hasn't. Because he doesn't. It's not that complicated, even though sometimes I try to pretend it is.

It makes me so mad that she's trying to mess with my head and make me think otherwise, just because of Chris - who doesn't even like her. So much for her new found loyalty to Teresa.

She had to be all nasty about it though, saying that if Seth and I ever do get together, he'll just drop me as soon as I gain weight again - which she's sure is inevitable. Real nice.

Lisa was mad at me because I hurt her brother, more or less. She disappeared half-way through the fight, tired of all the drama.

Basically, we're not talking to each other right now - any of us.

I swear, if there could be one day without some kind of massive emotional upheaval, it would be a freaking miracle. I hate girls and their drama. They're so vicious. This is exactly why my best friend is a guy.

At the same time I keep thinking of that demotivators poster, the one that says something like "Dysfunction: the common link in all of your failed relationships is you."

Maybe they have a point.