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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so annoyed right now...

I found Seth's Facebook listing a few days ago. I sent him a Friend request and he hasn't approved me, so when we were texting today I asked him what the deal was.

C: When are you gonna add me on Facebook?
S: I'm not on Facebook
C: Yes you are
S: No I'm not - probably another Seth
C: Right, because there are so many Seth McCallisters in Salt Lake City
S: Fine, so I'm on Facebook
C: Then why won't you add me?
S: Maybe I have private stuff on there - stuff that's none of your business
C: So I can't see it, but all of your Facebook friends can?!!
S: Don't make such a big deal out of it

I was already kind of irritated about the way he was toying with me the other day, but now I'm mad. (Of course, I'm not sure how outraged I'm really allowed to be, what with the whole, um, secret-blog-devoted-to-obsessing-over-him thing. Hypocrisy is fun.)

Still, it's irritating, because now I'm positive that he's hooking up with random Facebook girls. I'm done with him. I know I say that all the time, but this time I mean it.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a link in his Facebook profile that he doesn't want you to see.

Cordy said...

I'm sure there's a lot of stuff he doesn't want me to see, the jerk.